Life is precious
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Welcome to Spiroteket – your distributor of High vibrational products for the body, mind and spirit, all aligned to our chakras. Our brands are carefully chosen, handmade with love and passion that are truly amazing.
Giving you results that you will absolutely love.


High vibrational products for your body, mind and spirit – everything you need to balance your chakras.

What is chakra?

Chakras are often called “wheels of light”. This refers to energies which are said to enter & leave at specific points in the body.

About us

Here you can read about the origin & choice of products, as well as the founder of Spiroteket & history of the business.


Offer your clients the ultimate relaxation and bliss

Zephorium Energy Crystal Facial
1 day training
Open to all qualified beauty therapists
Enhance your skills in natural beauty. Offer the ultimate facial with Zephoriums pure ingredients, aromatherapy, homeopathy and palm crystals

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