Chakras are energy points that run along the central meridian of the body in alignment with the spine. Energy is said to flow from the base (red) chakra up to the crown (violet) chakra and flow back down again to the base. A good flow of energy up and down the spine is required to keep us healthy in mind and body. If you are suffering of ill health or have experienced some emotional or physical trauma then it is said certain chakras in your body may be blocked and are in need of rebalancing.

What is a Chakra?

The term “Chakra” is an ancient Sanskrit word which means “wheel” or “circle”. Chakras are often called “wheels of light”. This wheel of life refers to vortices of energy which are said to enter and leave at specific points in the body. The ‘chakra points’ relate to specific organs, endocrine glands and body parts.

When your chakras are balanced and free flowing you experience good health. It is said when our chakras are blocked and impacted by emotional or physical trauma we experience illness and disease.

There are many different locations of chakras in the body including chakras in our hands and feet. We focus on the main chakras in the spine which start at the base of the body and work their way up to the top of our head.