• Zephorium

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    Zephorium is a unique award winning aromatherapy skincare and fragrance brand, based upon energy attraction and the power of positive thinking The beautiful colours of the glass bottles are linked to the body’s energy (chakra) system making the link between mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. High quality oils, aromatherapy, powerful affirmations and potentised crystal add to the vibrational mix, culminating in a wonderful blend of beauty and positivity. We use only the finest aromatherapy oils and blends to bring you outstanding quality products. Zephorium oils are now being used globally by individuals and therapists alike, as powerful catalysts for profound change. Coconut wax candles, uplifting aura sprays, massage/body oils, nourishing organic face serums, organic essential oil blends, luxury body lotions and natural perfume rollerballs, plus our new holistic facial range, formulate Zephorium’s collection of beautiful natural products for the mind, body and soul. Within each of these collections there are 8 unique tonics to choose from which have been carefully hand blended and contain pure aromatherapy oil, along with homeopathic crystal energy, affirmations, specific colours and scents, that complement the chakras. Every bottle has been hand blended with great love and positive intention. All our products are also Vegan friendly and GM Free.
  • Criolla

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    “If mindfullness from the gifts of nature meets the greatest possible care in the producing, it creates harmonious balanced products full of energy” PAMPER YOUR SKIN WITH THIS NATURAL POWER Criolla Organic Skincare creates the best conditions for a healthier skin thanks to their pure, natural and herbal substances. The skin needs care - it's your biggest organ! Beautiful and healthy skin is essential for a holistic Wellbeing. Criolla is a family business that cares a lot about quality and the nature. Criolla is part of the HIT Active Stable system. This system gives the horses everything they need in a natural environment. Criolla's range contain pure organic Mares milk and are made according to an old tradition, together with the latest in dermatological science. From raw material to end product is basically handmade and only in small quantities. The gentle treatment of the raw materials fully preserve their original properties to create the best possible product. Criolla is BIO certified av Austria BIO Garantie. Mare's milk has been known already as a precious beauty aid for centuries. Due to its outstanding qualities, mare's milk supports healthy skin function and regenerates stress-burdened, irritated and affected skin. Mares Milk cosmetics contain the purest form of Horse Milk, providing gentle skin products that deliver maximum benefit for all types of skin... At Criolla, we specialise in the production and supply of high quality cosmetic products that have been derived from Horse Milk. Skincare – The vitamins and minerals contained within Horse Milk will improve the look and feel of the skin leaving it refreshed and with a new fresh energy in the skin. Horse Milk contains many vitamins and components which promote cell renewal, giving skin greater resistance, even the most sensitive skin types. If you experience problematic or skin that is sensitive to many cosmetic products, you are likely to see a significant improvement when you use a Horse Milk cosmetic product.
  • Hada's Chocolates

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    At Hada’s Chocolates we are passionate about human well-being, and that is why we see chocolates as life itself. Not all days are the same, some days we are full of energy to aim for our highest desires. And on other days, it seems that our vitality is diminished, so we are convinced that happiness is found when there is balance in our life. We know that happiness and balance are essential to maximize our well-being in today’s hectic times. And one of the ways we can achieve this, is to consciously link with the present moment in each activity we do during the day. This is the reason why our highest purpose is to provide you with a memorable experience every time you consume our chocolates. Giving you the ideal balance in each of our bars, offering you very varied and creative options for each of your needs. Connecting to all your senses in which every time you taste our chocolates, or consume our infusions. Live an active meditation that allows you not only to feed your body, but also your heart. Through a food loaded with intention, love, energy, well-being and health. Our chocolates are handmade, using only high-quality cacao of 100% Venezuelan origin. We use music therapy, sacred symbology and the intention of the word to harmonize the molecular structure of the products and raise the vibrational level in them for a better use in their consumption. At Hada’s Chocolates we include teas and infusions in our product range. Since we believe that everything that comes from our mother earth, naturally gives us its properties and benefits. Which have been used as a traditional and ancient practice by the sages and masters of herbal medicine. To complement and energetically repower these formulas, we add the power of intention, the vibrational power of bowls and tuning forks. In order to obtain the best union between body, mind and spirit. Obtaining an internal balance. Thus, preserving health and preventing diseases. Remembering the words of Hippocrates, which time and life have confirmed. “THE DOCTOR CURES, ONLY NATURE HEALS.” To achieve a balance in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body, and to ensure that all the energy flows, it is important to keep our energy centres (chakras) in harmony. For this reason, Hada’s Chocolates developed teas and chocolates for the 7 chakras.