“If mindfullness from the gifts of nature meets the greatest possible care in the producing, it creates harmonious balanced products full of energy”

Criolla Organic Skincare creates the best conditions for a healthier skin thanks to their pure, natural and herbal substances.
The skin needs care – it’s your biggest organ! Beautiful and healthy skin is essential for a holistic Wellbeing.

Criolla is a family business that cares a lot about quality and the nature.
Criolla is part of the HIT Active Stable system. This system gives the horses everything they need in a natural environment.
Criolla’s range contain pure organic Mares milk and are made according to an old tradition,
together with the latest in dermatological science.
From raw material to end product is basically handmade and only in small quantities. The gentle treatment
of the raw materials fully preserve their original properties to create the best possible product.
Criolla is BIO certified av Austria BIO Garantie.

Mare’s milk has been known already as a precious beauty aid for centuries. Due to its outstanding qualities, mare’s milk supports healthy skin function and regenerates stress-burdened, irritated and affected skin.
Mares Milk cosmetics contain the purest form of Horse Milk, providing gentle skin products that deliver maximum benefit for all types of skin…

At Criolla, we specialise in the production and supply of high quality cosmetic products that have been derived from Horse Milk.

Skincare – The vitamins and minerals contained within Horse Milk will improve the look and feel of the skin leaving it refreshed and with a new fresh energy in the skin.
Horse Milk contains many vitamins and components which promote cell renewal, giving skin greater resistance, even the most sensitive skin types. If you experience problematic or skin that is sensitive to many cosmetic products, you are likely to see a significant improvement when you use a Horse Milk cosmetic product.

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  • Skin Balm 100 ml

    449,00 kr

    Apart from Mare´s milk, it contains marigold and pure lanolin which has a protective and calming effect. Relieves and gives great results on dry skin, acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. A perfect winter cream for the Scandinavian climate. Warm in your hands, and tap and massage gently into the skin. Recommended morning & evening or when needed. The optimal cream for an exposed skin.

    40% Mare´s milk

  • Soap 100 g

    109,00 kr

    An antiseptic handmade soap with a porous lather that does not dry out the skin. Suitable for all skin types. Apart from Mare´s milk, the soap also contains pure coconut oil, Shea and cocoa butter. Very effective against oily / acne skin. Can be used for the whole body. Contains no sulfates.

    24% Mare´s milk




  • BIO Vital Cream 50 ml

    449,00 kr

    Apart from Mare´s milk, the cream contains enriched antioxidants such as apricot kernel oil and pomegranate seed oil which work effectively against dry and mature skin. Fights against free radicals thanks to its powerful ingredients. The cream has a smoothing effect and activates cell renewal. The skin feels soft and comfortable. Recommended morning & evening.

    62% Mare´s milk