Zephorium is a unique award winning aromatherapy skincare and fragrance brand, based upon energy attraction and the power of positive thinking

The beautiful colours of the glass bottles are linked to the body’s energy (chakra) system making the link between mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. High quality oils, aromatherapy, powerful affirmations and potentised crystal add to the vibrational mix, culminating in a wonderful blend of beauty and positivity. We use only the finest aromatherapy oils and blends to bring you outstanding quality products. Zephorium oils are now being used globally by individuals and therapists alike, as powerful catalysts for profound change.

Coconut wax candles, uplifting aura sprays, massage/body oils, nourishing organic face serums, organic essential oil blends, luxury body lotions and natural perfume rollerballs, plus our new holistic facial range, formulate Zephorium’s collection of beautiful natural products for the mind, body and soul.

Within each of these collections there are 8 unique tonics to choose from which have been carefully hand blended and contain pure aromatherapy oil, along with homeopathic crystal energy, affirmations, specific colours and scents, that complement the chakras.

Every bottle has been hand blended with great love and positive intention. All our products are also Vegan friendly and GM Free.

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  • Strength & Grounding Body / Massage Oil with Ylang Ylang Oil

    339,00 kr

    Strength Grounding

    Aligned with Base Chakra, infused with Ruby Crystal and blended with Ylang Ylang Oil, Black Pepper, Rosewood and Patchouli.

    AFFIRMATION: “I am a strong and powerful creator. I am safe and loved.”

    Our Ruby Crystal Body and Massage Oil is a powerful combination of Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and homeopathic Ruby Crystal, helps to strengthen and ground the Base Chakra.

  • Freedom & Creativity Body Massage Oil with Sweet Orange Oil

    339,00 kr

    Freedom and Creativity

    Aligned to the Sacral Chakra, infused with Carnelian Crystal and blended with Sweet Orange Oil, Frankincense and Palmarosa.

    Affirmation: “I unleash fun and creativity from within me now.”

    Carnelian Crystal Body and Massage Oil is a powerful combination of Sweet Orange Oil, Frankincense and homeopathic Carnelian Crystal, said to help bring freedom and creativity into our lives, whilst helping to rebalance the Sacral Chakra


  • Joy & Abundance Body / Massage Oil with Grapefruit Oil

    339,00 kr

    Joy and Abundance

    Aligned to the Solar Plexus Chakra, infused with Citrine Crystal and blended with Grapefruit Oil, Lemon and Lime.

    Affirmation: “I am abundant in everything I ask for. I receive with gratitude.”

    Our Citrine Body and Massage Oil is a powerful combination of Grapefruit Oil, Lemon, Lime and homeopathic Citrine Crystal, said to bring joy and abundance into our lives, whilst helping to rebalance the Solar Plexus Chakra.

  • Love & Surrender Body / Massage Oil

    339,00 kr

    Love and Surrender

    Aligned to the Heart Chakra, infused with Rose Oil and blended with Rose Oil and Sweet Orange Oil.

    Affirmation: “Love flows towards me from every direction. I relax into peace.”

    Our Rose Quartz Body and Massage Oil is a powerful combination of pure Rose Oil and homeopathic Rose Quartz Crystal, said to help open our hearts and bring love into our lives, whilst helping to rebalance the Heart Chakra.

  • Balance & Protection Body / Massage Oil

    339,00 kr

    Balance and Protection

    Aligned to the Heart Chakra, infused with Emerald Crystal and blended with Jasmine Oil

    Affirmation: “I am in perfect balance, giving and receiving love in equal measure.”

    Our Emerald Body and Massage Oil is a powerful combination of Jasmine Oil and homeopathic Emerald Crystal, is said to protect our hearts and bring balance into our lives, whilst helping to rebalance the Heart Chakra.

  • Truth & Integrity Body / Massage oil

    339,00 kr

    Truth and Integrity

    Aligned to the Throat Chakra, infused with Aquamarine Crystal and blended with Neroli Oil also Lavender, Pettigrain, Frankincense and Black Pepper.

    Affirmation: “I speak my truth with courage and integrity.”

    Aquamarine Crystal Body and Massage Oil contains a powerful combination of Neroli Oil and homeopathic Aquamarine Crystal, said to bring truth and integrity back into our lives, whilst helping to rebalance the Throat Chakra

  • Calm & Wisdom Body / Massage Oil

    339,00 kr

    Calm and Wisdom

    Aligned to the Crown chakra, infused with Amethyst Crystal and blended with Lavender Oil, Geranium and Neroli.

    Affirmation: “My thoughts create reality. I connect to my highest wisdom and manifest a peaceful, calm world”.

    Amethyst Crystal Body and Massage Oil to aid in rebalancing the Crown Chakra contains the highest quality natural aromatherapy oils of Lavender, Geranium and Neroli. Blended into a nurturing and nourishing base of Sweet Almond, Vitamin E, Grapeseed and Sunflower oil. Loaded with vitamins, linoleic acid and Omega 6 it is easily absorbed into the skin. High levels of natural lecithin create a soothing base to use as a moisturiser, massage, hair or bath oil. These gentle oils can also be used as a cleanser and make up remover.


  • Clarity & Vision Body / Massage Oil

    339,00 kr

    Clarity and Vision

    Aligned to the Brow Chakra, infused with Lapis Lazuli and blended with Frankincense Oil and Patchouli Oil.

    AFFIRMATION: “I see the truth. My future is calm. My past is healed and released.”

    Lapis Lazuli Body and Massage Oil is a powerful combination of Frankincense Oil, Patchouli and homeopathic Lapis Lazuli Crystal, said to aid our clarity and vision, whilst helping to rebalance the Brow Chakra.