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  • Amethyst Crystal Face Serum 30ml (Anti-Ageing)

    589,00 kr

    Crown Chakra 

    Calm & Wisdom

    ANTI-AGING with Apricot Kernel Oil and Lavender Oil

    AFFIRMATION: “My thoughts create reality. I connect to my highest wisdom and manifest a peaceful, calm world.”

    This anti-aging face serum contains a powerful combination of Apricot Kernel, Lavender Oil, Geranium and homeopathic Amethyst Crystal, said to bring calm and wisdom back into our lives, whilst helping to rebalance the Crown Chakra.

    Loaded with vitamins, this oil rejuvenates the skin by intense hydration in the way nature intended. Apricot Oil is a wonderful moisturiser, which is easily absorbed into the skin. It has a high Oleic and vitamin content, which keeps the skin supple and smooth.  Extracted from the fleshy interior of the hard seed, it is always considered a ‘gem’ for anti-aging products. The natural healing and calming qualities of lavender oil have been cherished for centuries, soothing both the mind and body. Combined with the vibrational energy of Amethyst crystals, it has a high spiritual vibration, which is said to connect us to our Divine Universal Wisdom. This unique blend is aligned to the Crown chakra, located at the crown of the head; it is the point where spirit introduces energy for distribution throughout the body. The gift of balance in this chakra, helping to experience unity and the selfless realisation that everything is connected at a fundamental level. The balance of this chakra allows us to experience mystical oneness with everyone and everything in nature and the universe.



  • Strength & Grounding with Ylang Ylang Affirmation Candle

    449,00 kr


    Strength and Grounding

    Infused with Ruby Crystal and blended with Ylang Ylang.

    Affirmation – “I am a strong and powerful creator. I am safe and loved.”

    Pure coconut wax aromatherapy candle infused with ylang ylang and patchouli oil for deep grounding and connection to the earth. Grounding our spirituality allows us to reach great heights of connection. Clary sage and bergamot remind us that the earth is our provider with hints of winter walks and falling leaves to help the connection keep us strong. Homeopathic ruby crystal is said to help enhance our sense of belonging and safety.

  • Freedom & Creativity with Sweet Orange Oil Affirmation Candle

    449,00 kr


    Freedom & Creativity

    with Carnelian Crystal and blended with Sweet Orange Oil

    Affirmation – “I release fun and creativity from within me now.”

    Pure coconut wax aromatherapy candle infused oil with warm orange and tangerine, inspire creativity and sensuality. Sunset walks along beautiful beaches, with deep spicy aromas of souks, all hand blended into a deliciously inspiring mix of sweet and musky. Light the flame on the candle, close your eyes and allow the ignition of your ‘inner flame’ and the homeopathic Carnelian Crystal to lead you towards a delicious future of freedom and creativity.

  • Joy & Abundance with Grapefruit Oil Affirmation Candle

    449,00 kr


    Joy & Abundance

    Infused with Citrine Crystal and blended with Grapefruit Oil

    Affirmation – “I am abundant in everything I ask for. I receive with gratitude.”

    Pure coconut wax aromatherapy candle infused with the spontaneous and joy-filled scents of grapefruit, lemongrass and lime oil. Spring walks and enthusiasm for the seasons unfolding, are blended with the clarity of a tingling freshness. Knowing how worthy you are and allowing all the goodness of the universe to come to you, flavoured with the beautiful scents of nature, thyme and palmarosa oils.

  • Love & Surrender with Rose Oil Affirmation Candle

    449,00 kr


    Love & Surrender

    infused with Rose Quartz Crystal and blended with Rose Oil

    Affirmation – “Love flows towards me from every direction, I relax into peace.”

    Pure coconut wax aromatherapy candle infused with the delicacy of pure rose oil. Walks through summer gardens and the delicate waft of roses as you brush your hands over the petals. Lingering in the long summer evenings and allowing the heart to open to the possibility of eternal love. Rose quartz homeopathic crystal enhances the heart energy and the ability to receive unconditional love.

  • Balance & Protection with Jasmine Oil Affirmation Candle

    449,00 kr


    Balance & Protection

    infused with Emerald Crystal and blended with Jasmine Oil

    Affirmation – “I am in perfect balance, giving and receiving love in equal measure.”

    Pure coconut wax aromatherapy candle blended with the depth of heady jasmine and the freshness of mint to lift and inspire. Balancing the Yin and Yang to allow the natural flow of giving and receiving love. The cleansing and fortifying energy of juniper and lemongrass helps to spring-clean our mind and allow goodness to flow. Emerald crystal is said to be a wonderful cleanser and balancer of the heart and mind.

  • Truth & Integrity with Neroli Oil Affirmation Candle

    449,00 kr


    Truth & Integrity

    Infused with Aquamarine Crystal and blended with Neroli Oil

    Affirmation – “I speak my truth with courage and integrity.”

    Pure coconut wax aromatherapy candle infused with the calming influence of the orange blossom flower neroli, and lavender help us to take back control of our lives in a calm and relaxed way. Walking through life, speaking our truth and calmly knowing the importance of our integrity helps keep us feeling focused and clear. The depths of vetivert and tangerine help us feel strong and grounded along with Aqua Marine crystal which is said to give us courage and calm our energy.

  • Clarity & Vision with Frankincense Affirmation Candle

    449,00 kr


    Clarity & Vision

    infused with Lapis Lazuli Crystal and blended with Frankincense Oil.

    Affirmation – “I see the truth. My future is calm, my past is healed and released.”

    Pure coconut wax aromatherapy candle infused with mystical frankincense and patchouli oil. Deep contemplation and quiet allow the mind to release trauma and stress. Frankincense has been used to enhance spiritual connection for thousands of years. As you close your eyes and allow the deep intoxicating aromas to float through your senses, repeat the affirmation and deepen into the eternal stillness. Lapis Lazuli crystal is said to help enhance our psychic connection and release the past, whilst embracing the future.

  • Calm & Wisdom with Lavender Oil Affirmation Candle

    449,00 kr


    Calm & Wisdom
    Infused with Amethyst Crystal and blended with Lavender Oil
    Affirmation – “My thoughts create reality. I connect to my highest wisdom and manifest a peaceful, calm world.”
    Pure coconut wax aromatherapy candle infused with lavender and geranium, invoking deep relaxation and release stress. Hints of fresh rosemary, basil and bergamot remind us of the beauty of nature and herbal healing, allowing nature to lead us towards our natural state of peace, freedom and well-being. Quiet days spent contemplating and relaxing with the stillness of doing nothing! Homeopathic amethyst crystal is said to help clear the aura and allow the connection to Source to flow through us and into the world.