Become a retailer

If you work at a company within Holistic Health, have a lifestyle webshop, or work e.g. as a yoga, healer, spa- or skin therapist, you are welcome to send us an email to apply for a wholesale account.

We offer all Therapists, Healers etc working in the Holistic and Wellbeing industry great discount on all our products. Apply today and start your journey If you feel inspired to stock or use our products in your business you will be joining a growing community of massage therapists, yoga teachers, chiropractors, kinesiologists, homeopaths, reflexologists, healers, beauty therapists and more.

Our products not only look good; they are luxury, high end beauty and life style products with fabulous fresh ingredients, top quality.

Our aim is to empower everyone whose lives we touch; employees, stockists, therapists and end users, who are impacted by our ethical, natural and gentle products. We believe in the Law of Attraction and our business is based on a foundation of kindness, positivity, enthusiasm and love. Here at Spiroteket we practice what we preach and as we radiate positivity out into the world, we are attracting fabulous stockists and therapists, just like you!

To start using our products in your own therapies all we ask is that you are qualified within the holistic, wellbeing and beauty industry (or currently training).

Apply here for more information